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CTS-V Level 5 One Piece Driveshaft

CTS-V Level 5 One Piece Driveshaft

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The CTS-V Level 5 One Piece Driveshaft is the ultimate upgrade for high performance vehicles. Made with a 3-1/2 inch aluminum shaft and Dual CV, this driveshaft offers both strength and lighter weight. The billet aluminum plates at each end prevent any issues with the crush collar, while the 300m stub system and grade 12.9 hardware ensure maximum durability. Trust the choice of top performing vehicles for over a decade.

As a top-of-the-line product for high-performance vehicles, the CTS-V Level 5 One Piece Driveshaft boasts a 3.8" carbon fiber shaft and dual CV for maximum strength and durability. With signature billet plates and a 300m stub system, this driveshaft guarantees secure installation and a lighter weight than traditional options. Trust in our 10 years of experience and superior grade 12.9 hardware for a reliable, high-speed ride.

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