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GTO 1000 HP 1 piece Driveshaft

GTO 1000 HP 1 piece Driveshaft

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Our 1-piece driveshaft is perhaps one of the most noticeable performance enhancements you can add to your GTO. The car will have better throttle response and feel smoother overall. It bolts onto the GTO platform without the need to remove the rear flange from the differential. Unlike other driveshafts, this system eliminates the use of an adapter plate and allows for proper pinion depth and gear engagement. With a 7075-T6 aluminum 1350 u-joint flange and factory hardware included, the installation of this driveshaft is simple and requires no professional assistance. The only modification needed is grinding down the tip of the rear seatbelt bolt for adequate clearance. This upgrade not only enhances performance but also prevents hazardous hanger bearing movements and loss of power. Shock factor tested up to 997lb of torque.

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