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GTO 550 HP 1 piece Driveshaft

GTO 550 HP 1 piece Driveshaft

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This is the newly-reinstated DSS 550HP 1-piece shaft, designed with the insights of the GTO community in mind. While it may not be entirely new, it offers a more affordable alternative for those seeking a single shaft with a sporty feel. This 3.5" aluminum shaft features a smaller 1310 joint and our Performance Dynamic solid joint for added strength and durability. Additionally, our signature Billet rear plate ensures proper balance by centering on the 16mm pin of the differential (which is ground with the bearing journals). We have even added Helicoils to the threaded portion of the plate to prevent thread stripping. Rated for up to 550HP and a maximum top speed of 155MPH, the only necessary modification is grinding down the tip of the rear seatbelt bolt for added clearance in the driveshaft tunnel.

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